And so it begins…


Finally! Here it is, in all of its anticlimactic glory (seriously, could I have taken a worse picture?! Apparently on the rare occasion the sun actually shines in England it makes for terrible photography!) Anyways, introducing our proper first home, because 400 square foot city-centre flats don’t really count ; )

Now, I will be the first to say it – it is not the most beautiful house. It certainly is no thatched roof cottage or grand Georgian town home. Nope, it is a humble 1950’s semi-detached home in the midst of modern British suburbia.  Its walls are constructed of a type of specialty stucco made of pebbles called Pebbledash — the inspiration for the  name of my blog : ) The house is in desperate need of a young, fresh and creative imagination and, lucky for it, I’ve just moved in! ; )

I hope to fill these “pages” with the creative ramblings of my mind and a whole lot of before-and-after moments as we take on the challenge of renovating our little pebbledash house. Hope you all will join me on this journey!


Close up of our front porch —


Our driveway (to the left of the porch). As useful as it is to have a garage, it, unfortunately, only fits cars of a certain vintage (we’re talking, like, pre-1965 here!) because it is so SMALL! —


View of our front yard (and “bin” aka trash can… it’s trash day here! Sorry!) —


And, last but not least, the view (from our guest room) of our street! Our neighbors have prettier houses. Definitely more quintessentially English looking. —



I’m hoping to get a chance to post at least once a week (if not more!). My plan for the first few posts is to give you guys a house tour with each new post focusing on one room at a time.




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