Bathroom Dreaming / Planning

We’ve officially decided on the bathroom finishes and I’ve put together a palette to give you guys a glimpse into what our bathroom will soon be…


Chic is my new favorite adjective to describe my design style. I have found that I prefer really clean, crisp spaces with modern lines. I seem to lean towards contemporary spaces versus traditional these days. I’m still all about vintage things, but I am more into vintage pieces of the mid-century. Which brings me to the flooring you see above, it is a bold, 1950s-inspired pattern composed of blacks, grays and white. The second I saw it (many months ago) I fell in LOVE and that was that! So, because I am going so bold with the floors I knew I had to keep it neutral with the walls. Which was not a problem, because I am all about white these days… white tile, white walls,  white bedding, whites dishes… the list goes on! The real issue was the pattern in which I preferred.

When we first met with our (fabulous) contractor, Ken, he came over and walked us through all sorts of construction possibilities in the bathroom. He left us that evening with homework: a list. A list of everything we could possibly want done. An extremely, pain-stakingly detailed list. No request or idea was too little to not write down. He stressed this over and over again. That evening I set out to complete the best homework assignment I’ve ever received. I even stayed up past my bedtime (seriously, being a mom means I need to be in bed before 10!), chronicling every last detail and dream I could possibly fit in the bathroom. I sketched out tile patterns (hello, herringbone tile), drew dimensions for custom shelving and options for building out a wall to hide a medicine cabinet. After all that was said and done, I STILL felt like I hadn’t been as thorough as he was expecting. The next morning, I handed over the list to Ken. He phoned Peter that evening and told him, in his absolutely brilliant Welsh accent that I only wish I could convey in text, that the plans I handed over to him were the plans of a VERY frustrated interior designer! Turns out he had never been given a list with such specific, meticulous detailing, heh. I laughed so hard – he couldn’t have summed me up more accurately. Story of my life, much?? All of these ideas running through my head and no opportunities to see them come to life …until this bathroom project began.

So, what is to become of all of these plans? Sadly, no herringbone tile.  The tiler informed Ken that you should aim to have to only do cuts on 10% of the tile not 110% (heh), and so, as I suspected, laying 15 square meters worth of wall tile in a herringbone pattern is massively out of our budget. But hey, at least I will never wonder about what could have been! We’ve settled on the simple, classic and, most importantly, cost-effective(!) white subway tile.

Last, but not least, the taps (aka British for faucets), the gold taps …you might have noticed above. I’m here to tell ya, gold is back. And more chic than ever before. I know what you’re thinking – Hello 1989! What about brass taps from 1989 is chic?? Well, what’s old is new again… fashions and fads circle around, and we just so happen to be back in a place where gold fixtures and faucets look fresh, crisp and, dare I say, super chic!? However, I will leave you with the comfort of knowing you are not alone in thinking I am crazy for having picked gold — the look on Ken, Brian (the tiler) and Lee’s (the plumber) faces when I told them my preference for gold over chrome was priceless. In absolute perfect unison all three of their jaws hit the ground. Is it really that crazy of me?!

Here are a few of the images that have inspired me the most on this project (Be sure to click on them! I left them in a Pinterest screen shot to give credit to the original source!)



2 thoughts on “Bathroom Dreaming / Planning

  1. Shari Silva says:

    Love it Annie! I can hardly wait
    To see the finished project! I loved the idea of the herringbone, you got great taste, you described the style I love to a tea! Love midcentry modern!


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