Teddy’s Room: Before

The bathroom renovation is in full swing and our contractor decided it made sense to do Teddy’s room simultaneously! Turns out tiling, letting the tile cure, then, finally, grouting it is a lengthy process that gives you an ample amount of time to dry-wall and plaster bedrooms! And HOW could I say no to that?!

I still don’t have a complete game plan for it. I’ve spent DAYS browsing light fixtures. I can’t find what I want in my price point and am considering having Ken, our contractor extraordinaire, make a light fixture for me… we’ll see what he makes of that!

Once we’ve stripped the walls to the studs, the “to-do” list for Teddy’s room is fairly simple… All walls (and the ceiling) need to be “boarded” (dry-walled), then plastered, then painted or wallpapered, the light fixture needs to be centered, brand new “skirting” (moldings) will be installed and, finally, new carpeting will be laid! Sounds like a lot, but our contractors are all the way to the painting and wallpapering stage! So, obviously, it’s about time I introduce you to Teddy’s room!

Now, somehow, in the hustle and bustle of construction, I forgot to take before pictures! Luckily, I have a few pictures from last fall that Peter texted to me while I was still in America and contemplating a move to this house. It’s a good thing I don’t delete things! ; )


It was dark and dingy. The wall paper was peeling, the ceiling was cracked, the moldings were rotting and the carpet was very nearly threadbare. It was definitely time for a refresh… And here is how far we’ve come these past couple of weeks:


Making progress! Check out the old floral wallpaper we found layered underneath all the other wallpaper:


Pretty fun to see what once was! Anyways, stay tuned because our bathroom is expected to be completely finished next Friday! I CANNOT wait to show you guys – it’s all coming together and looking so, so good! The other day I told our team of contractors they were making ALL my dreams come true, ha!


One thought on “Teddy’s Room: Before

  1. Bill & Eileen says:


    Thanks for the update….looks wonderful and know how much you are enjoying this. Can’t wait to see you when you come home! Keep in touch, Lots of love, Eileen & Bill


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