Dining Room Tour

Good news on the renovation front:  the flooring is in, the lights are on and everything is in working order! We have been using the bathroom like normal people for the past couple of days and Teddy has spent the past couple of nights in his own room for the first time in his life (hallelujah)! However, the rooms aren’t quite done yet. We still need to hang up towel racks, mirrors and art work and sort out some new linens (side note: omg, finding bathroom things to fit my “eggplant and olive green” color palette is proving to be a challenge. Ordinarily I would LOVE a challenge like this, but Teddy takes up all my free time these days. He is into and onto EVERYTHING now. Climbing, crawling, standing and eating it all… I can barely keep up! I need to start going to the gym or something, I think.) Anyways, this is all to say I have no time or energy to sort out accessories yet! Hopefully I get a few moments peace this week to sort it out. Ken is coming around this week to hang up and install all the things I do have… so by next weekend hopefully it will be ready to show off to you guys!

And, in the mean time, I figured I would introduce you all to a new room: the dining room! After a marathon session at Ikea yesterday we came home with a FABULOUS new dining table. I am so in love with it. It makes our hideous dining room look ever so slightly chic (I should emphasize the ever so slightly part, heh). When we set out to shop for our dining table there were a couple of things I knew I wanted in it. 1) It had to have a laminate top (because Teddy. His high chair doesn’t have a tray, it is designed to sit at the table with us, need I say more?) and 2) I really wanted a round table for both aesthetics and for flow of conversation… it just seems easier and more natural to talk with everyone around a round table. Plus, our dining room is pretty small, so it helps the space appear more open than a table with hard edges/corners would. When I saw that Ikea sells a knockoff version of this Saarinen DREAM table, well, I was sold! The Saarinen Tulip Table is an icon of mid-century modern design that has stood the test of time and remains a classic and effortlessly chic choice …and, at a mere $2K for the white laminate version (and $3K for my preference – the marble topped version), I had always imaged it would only ever be an effortlessly chic choice for the rich and famous, heh. Enter Ikea and its £130 option and now my dinning room is just (barely) starting to take shape and is off to an AWESOME start. I figure I can alway have a slab of marble cut to replace the laminate top eventually and it will still be massively cheaper than the real deal. We are holding off until the fall to officially remodel the dinning room, but my brain is already nearly done redesigning it 😉

Here is the “before” (again, more pictures Peter sent me last fall before we moved in):

imageCredit where credit is due: it coordinates and is cohesive. I can see where they were going with it oh, 25-30 years ago, but time can be cruel and it desperately needs to be refreshed!

And here it is today! (Disclaimer: the wall-to-wall carpet is SHOCKING. Brace yourselves!):


See that cute little vintage “tea trolley” or “hostess cart”?? That is my soon to be booze cart (also known as a bar cart). According to Pinterest all the cool kids are doing it, and, to be honest, it is a brilliant idea because we need someplace to keep all the alcohol and alcohol-related drink making accessories. So, stay tuned, ’cause I’m going to be doing a refurb on it and it’s tarnished exterior and crazy bad black glass shelving (you know it’s bad when it matches your horrific 1970s carpeting ; )) and I shall be sure to dedicate a whole post to its makeover!

Also, you might have noticed our dining room is housing part of our bed. We are still sleeping on a mattress on our floor… three months later, SIGH. Our beautiful upholstered box spring doesn’t fit up our stairwell, but Ken the contractor has promised to remodel our stairwell THIS week and expand its ceiling height in order to fit our box spring up! I cannot wait. Then maybe I can finally show you guys are master bedroom! Woohoo : )

I should also mention, those chairs were inherited (so to speak) when we moved in. I am on the hunt for vintage chairs I can reupholster in beautiful floral fabric! The transformation of this room has only just begun…



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