Ten Month Old Teddy



It’s that day of the month again – the fourth! Every month, when the fourth appears on the calendar, I catch myself wondering how is it even possible we’re already back there again? How is Teddy THIS old?! How have we survived ten months of parenthood? I’m telling you, the days are long, but the months? They are flying by!


It also means that we’re only two months away from the big ONE year old milestone! I desperately need to shift house design gear and start getting into birthday planning gear, but not quite yet. I’m not ready to start focusing on that just yet. Instead, I’d rather reminisce about the past ten months… and, more specifically, this last one in particular.


He loves to talk. Talk, talk, talk, babble, babble, babble all.day.long. Judging by all his chit chat, he seems to be quite opinionated and is not at all quiet about it, heh. He’s generally a very happy baby as long as all of his needs are all met (well rested, fed, clean diaper…you know, all of the essentials) and is very smiley these days. We were at the coffee shop the other day (just me and him and my flat white — my preferred coffee as of late. Just two shots of espresso and a very itty bit of foamed milk. None of that froufrou flavored latte stuff for me anymore. For those of you that know me, that should come as a complete shock. Apparently Teddy has not only rocked my world but has  fundamentally changed me at my very core…) Anyways, back to the coffee shop. So, we’re sitting there. Me, holding him as far away from my right hand as my left hand possibly can, desperately trying to keep his busy little self away from my piping hot coffee. As he begins his battle cry (ahem), he suddenly eases off and is all of the sudden enamored with something behind me, giving me time to sip my coffee in relative peace. I then begin to hear the distraction — people have sat at the table directly behind us and he is very busy smiling and giggling at them. I can hear them talking to him and about him and he is eating it all up. Grinning ear to ear. Babbling away. I then proceed to flash a smile of gratitude back at them and apologize for my “super nosy, American baby” (because there is no doubt he gets his nosiness from his American half). They laugh and then assure me they don’t mind and continue to engage him. Eventually they leave and I am left fearing for the remainder of my coffee. Will it go cold before I finish it? Will I even get to finish it?? And just like that, the next couple sits down at the table behind us and Teddy has instantly taken to them! In between more smiles and lots of drool, he chats away with them and has them smitten. I again feel compelled to apologize that he’s such a nosy American, but, they assure me they don’t mind in the least and tell me he seems like such a “happy little lad!” And that, my friends, is my Teddy! A very happy little lad : )


Beyond his social  accomplishments, the most exciting thing this past month held (developmentally) was his ability to clap. Seriously, it is THE cutest thing I have ever seen (admittedly, I am biased ; )). Not only does he clap, but he claps on command to his new FAVORITE song: If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands! I cannot accurately convey how much of a proud mama moment that is for me. Seriously, my heart explodes.


Here’s to the month ahead – may it be full of new growth, new adventure and lots of joy. And perhaps many, many FULL nights of sleep (please, God?!)…



2 thoughts on “Ten Month Old Teddy

  1. Wendy says:

    When my twins were babies I found this phrase, which is so true: “The days are long but the years are short”, and Teddy is gorgeous!


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