A Quick Hello and a Glimpse into Teddy’s Room

Hello from beautiful, sunny, blue-skied, NINETY degree America. It has been a rather nice change of pace to be back in the good ol’ US of A (shout out to all of you lovely, familiar faces I’ve seen over the past few weeks!). The flight over was a tad bit long, especially once we finally arrived in Denver airspace and were informed that we couldn’t land because of storms and were rerouted to Phoenix (! The nearest international airport??) but, not to fear, the angst I felt was short lived as once we made it fifteen minutes past Denver we were then informed that DIA had reopened and we were first in line to land (YAY! Those air traffic controllers must of taken pity on us knowing we had been sat on that plane since we left London over ten hours ago at this point!). Anyways, all of this is to say that we survived the flight and are so happy to be back. Though, I must admit, I do kinda, sorta, really miss my little pebbledash house!

Speaking of which, I quickly snapped a few pictures of Teddy’s room! Now, disclaimer: it is no where near done! It needs curtains, an area rug, a light, shelving, artwork… the list goes on! But, as far as construction goes, Ken and crew wrapped the job up nearly two months ago now. I’m extremely pleased with how far it’s come and, most importantly, Teddy LOVES his room. The wallpaper is a big hit!












And there you have it! Yes, it’s a bit vanilla, BUT it’s only just the backdrop. The crisp, fresh, clean backdrop. Hopefully once all the accessories are in place they really will pop and the room will come alive and look complete and cohesive …aka well designed. I’ve already had a quote from a relative (of Peter’s) who is in the custom curtain business (I know, lucky me, right?!) and we are going to go forward with roman shade type of blind for the massive window. I am providing all of my own fabric because, well, that is the sort of thing my dream’s are made of. So, we decided to hold off on the roman shade until after my trip to America because this is the land of infinitely more affordable fabric options. I’ve picked out a few area rug options as well, but am waiting on making that decision until I’ve finalized my fabric choice for the curtain. I have all of these gallery wall/picture ledge dreams too, but have yet to decide what I want to do exactly with the blank walls. I do, however, have plans for a third animal bust – a zebra – but, again, had to wait to make that purchase in the US because I searched high and low in the UK and couldn’t find a third animal for my little vignette on the wall between Teddy’s closet and door. I am still on the hunt for a sputnik-type light fixture for his room, but so far there hasn’t been the perfect one in my budget yet… I am currently coveting a fabulous sputnik-inspired one at Land of Nod, but it’s not going to happen unless it goes on sale before I leave!

Here’s what I’m loosely envisioning for the rest of the room:


Anyways, I shall love you and leave – it’s my bedtime! Hope you enjoyed!





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