Teddy’s First Birthday



How is it possible that the Fourth of July has come and gone already?! One week ago my baby turned ONE! This time last year, I was just barely released from the hospital and we were making daily trips to the NICU to visit our sweet, little newborn baby who spent his days sleeping away. He didn’t even want to wake up to eat! Crazy to think, since now he hates sleeping and is always busy doing something, like emptying every drawer in the house…

We spent his birthday weekend up in the mountains at Grand Lake, Colorado. Our rental house was actually on a sister lake, Shadow Mountain Lake, but was still considered the town of Grand Lake! We have been spending our summers up there since before I can remember (early 1990s, for sure) and my dad has been going up since the 1970s! The town is steeped in family memories, despite us only ever being summertime tourists, and my soul resonates deeply with the quaint, charming little mountain town that Grand Lake is. I feel so blessed to be able to share our family’s summertime traditions with my son and I feel especially blessed that we got to call it “home” while we celebrated the culmination of Teddy’s first year! Happy Birthday to my sweet Theodore William Anselm…


It was a glorious day for a birthday!




My ONE year old and me at very minute he was born – 11:39am


Lunchin’ before the festivities began






The birthday boy enjoyed his bbq brisket dinner!


“Seriously mom? You’re going to make me wear this dorky hat again?!”



And there you have it! My apologies for the picture overload — but hey, your first born child only turns one once! Unfortunately, Teddy didn’t make it to the fireworks. He tried, but bedtime is bedtime for a reason! When he’s old enough to handle it, you better believe we’re going to tell him we put on that show JUST for him. Yep, totally going to milk that one. Oh, and, OF COURSE, Happy Birthday America! I love you too ❤


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