Guest Room Planning

So, I know I last left off the renovation talk hinting that the dinning room was up next on the chopping block. As it turns out, after much thought and consideration, we are going to actually do the guest room! I’m super excited about this change because of the reason: we have an AMERICAN guest coming for Christmas!!! Seriously so thrilled about this development. I can’t think of a more exciting guest to break in the new bedroom because I know she shares the same discerning and fabulous taste as your’s truly … so, the pressure is on! I have a lot to live up to if I’m going to impress my dear friend Nicole.

One thing about our guest room that I have not yet shared is that it is also our office …as well as the smallest room in our house. Yep, the struggle is real. I’ve already sketched a rendering of my vision and we’ve already had a quote from Ken the contractor, so, basically, it’s game time. I have plenty of finishes to pick out but time seems to be flying by because we will be back in the UK by the end of the month and you better believe Ken is the first person I am calling when we touch down!

The room will be split into distinct but cohesive zones: one wall will be dedicated to office space with a slab of counter running the length of the room and overhead cabinetry to mask all the office/computer room essentials, the opposite wall we’ll create a custom nook perfectly sized to fit a double bed and, finally, there will be a massive storage closet built alongside the right of the bed. In England, they just don’t build houses with storage like I’m accustomed to… therefore, anytime I can squeeze in extra storage is a mega bonus in my book.

Anyways, enough talk! Here is some inspiration to convey my vision:



via El Mueble


via Meg Lonergan Interiors


via Caesarstone AU


via One Kings Lane


via Ark Pad


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