Getting back into the grove of things…

Hello from across the pond (finally)! We’ve made it all the way home and have comfortably settled back into everyday life. There have been a few hiccups along the way but, overall, life is good. House projects have been put on hold thanks to said hiccups, but we are now gearing up for some major renovations before Christmas! The  quotes are expected to come in this week, then we hope to start asap!

In addition to the guest room project I last mentioned, we’re also doing a partial reno on the living room (hallelujah!) and maybe, possibly creating a MUDROOM! The living room is where we spend most of our time when we’re home and, though we did a bit of a reno prior to our moving in, it is still an eyesore! Also, the thought of a possible mudroom makes my knees go all weak and my heart start to flutter… it’s interesting how the mundane and the ordinary become seriously dreamy when you get use to going without such luxuries. Anyways, more to come about that once we get the quote back and see if it’s an obtainable dream 😉

For now I shall leave you with some pictures of the past couple of months in England:


One thought on “Getting back into the grove of things…

  1. Eileen Maggio says:

    Hey Annie! Was wondering how you are doing. Looks like life is good & joyful especially with little Teddy around. We miss you but we have been busy as well. Will send you an update on our life soon so please check your email periodically. Leaving this week for Fl watching grandkids while the adults go to Epcot for a food and wine festival, Halloween and celebrating birthdays. But when I get back I will catch up with you. can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with your renovations in the home. Lots of love Eileen and Bill


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