Friday Favorites: Green Kitchens

I’ve long been a dreamer when it comes to designing. Whenever I enter a new space my mind is constantly racing with ideas: new layouts, new colors, less walls, more light …and on it goes. I find such joy in design and I feel well and truly invigorated when a new project presents itself. The longest standing dream project in my house is my kitchen. When we moved in it was, unfortunately, the most “recently” renovated room in our house and, therefore, meant it is last on the list of priorities when it comes to actual renovations. Fear not though! That pesky little detail has not stopped the dreamer in me from planning it’s eventual renovation. Which leads me to the first in a series of weekly posts I am beginning of Friday Favorites — a weekly collection of inspiration for design lovers. This week is all about my favorite color: Green. I am crushing real hard on green in kitchens and especially so in kitchens with the ultimate dedication to my favorite color…  green cabinetry. Someday I hope to make a commitment to green like that myself! Until then, here are my favorite moments of green in kitchens.


via  Elle Decoration UK


Flora Soames via The Neotrad


via deVOL Kitchens


Phillippe Harden via Making it Lovely


via Little Big Bell




via dzek

So tell me, how do you feel about green in the kitchen? Do any of these kitchens, perhaps, leave you green with envy, heh? My apologies, I just couldn’t resist! Wishing you all a lovely weekend xx


[Featured image up top: deVOL ]


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