Friday Favorites: Built-in Bookshelves

Admittedly, this week’s favorite is not on the cutting edge of trendy… it is, in fact, a time-tested classic: the built-in bookshelf. It fulfills every designer’s dream of form meeting function aka it can be every bit as beautiful as it is practical. I think they are a brilliant use of space that can be customized to fit everything from books and televisions to art and treasured collections. Not only that but they can be implemented in most every room in the house -from the nursery to the guest room and from the kitchen to the study. I have long been sizing up a pair of built-in bookshelves for either side of my fireplace . I even had my trusty contractor quote me an estimate for custom building my design… Turns out I live in a fantasy land of built-in bookshelves because the quote came back and, um, we won’t be getting any custom ones for the time being. But, until then, feel free to dream with me — here is some of my very favorite built-in bookshelf inspo:


Suzy Hoodless via MYDOMAINE


source unknown – can anyone help?




source unknown again – any help?


Tim Barber Ltd Architecture via Houzz


source unknown – anyone know?


McGarth II


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